With Joseph Conrad's Heart of Darkness, these people firmly believe in nothingness, and express a "personal intention." In their eyes, there are only three types of people in this world: the slave, the enemy and the dead.


They stoop to pleasure, they kill and burn, they destroy all values. They have no fear, but hate in their hearts, and fight against the autocratic government not for justice or brotherhood, but for the pleasure of destruction. War is also for them an easy solution to boredom. They launch the "Revolution", because they need an excuse. They promise to present to the public a shortcut to paradise, but the reality is to open the door to hell. 


These people gather, and create the "new soldiers" they need. They went from Robespierre to Trotsky. They are the ones who went to China to bring Japan into the Red Army; and then they went south and became Golbut. They are the ones who secretly write another history of human barbarism, stupidity and cruelty.


Dostoyevsky quotes the Gospel of St. Luke, to state that the demons came out of the body of man to enter the body of pigs. The pigs threw themselves to their death into the lake, while the men were set free. But is the situation so simple? In my opinion, the ghosts never left, they just hide among us. In this post-epidemic era, economic fluctuation is a reality, and for a long time it seems to me that these demons have reappeared and are beginning to train their "new soldier" in the s

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Paris 2022 | 6ème édition